janno martens


I studied Philosophy and Architecture History at the University of Amsterdam, specialising in postwar French philosophy and Dutch architecture from the same era. Most of my publications have focused on the Dutch structuralist movement and its aftermath, such as an essay on the relation between Aldo van Eyck and Carel Visser in Aldo van Eyck. Orphanage and Playgrounds (Architectura & Natura, 2018), the Amsterdam Nieuwmarkt urban renewal scheme in Hans Hagenbeek architect (Architectura & Natura, 2019), and an article about the similarities between Dutch structuralism and the work of Dutch studio RAAAF for the cahier ONTO (University Press Antwerp, 2019). I have worked as research assistant for Erik Rietveld, co-authoring an article about ‘social affordances’ and material engagement theory in Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences (Rietveld, Rietveld & Martens, 2018), and worked as coordinator of the Jaap Bakema Study Centre in Rotterdam, which links the State Archive for Dutch Architecture and Planning to the research agenda of the Architecture department at TU Delft. I am currently a PhD candidate at KU Leuven on the project Architectural Space Taught and Thought. Trading Zones of the Concept of Space 1945-1980, led by Rajesh Heynickx, Filip Mattens and Stéphane Symons. My research deals with the phenomenon of architectural laboratories in relation to European emigré architects and artists in postwar America.